Stormwater Permit Approved for Line 3

Today is a great day for the future of northern Minnesota communities. Enbridge has been granted the construction stormwater permit from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the final permit needed for construction to begin for the replacement of Line 3.

Better In Our Back Yard congratulates Enbridge on six years of continuously proving that Line 3 will meet or exceed all environmental and safety standards while delivering billions of dollars in private investment, over 4,000 family sustaining jobs, millions in local spending, and a strong increase in local tax revenues when northern Minnesotans need it the most.

Job site safety is Enbridge’s top priority and the replacement of Line 3 will be no exception. As the nation navigates through the pandemic, Enbridge has made it clear that they will institute strict coronavirus testing and screening for workers. This will include daily temperature screenings, job site mask requirements, monitored social distancing, and regular sanitization of work areas.

Better In Our Back Yard is excited to see six years of hard work and perseverance from Enbridge and supporters across Minnesota come to fruition. Enbridge is poised to deliver a new pipeline with state-of-the-art technology that will provide the safest way to transport crude oil while reviving northern Minnesota’s economy and protecting the region’s environment that we all cherish and love.

PolyMet Mining Committed to Extensive Regulatory Process

Better In Our Back Yard (BIOBY) is pleased celebrate another win for PolyMet and Minnesota’s industrial sector. The Ramsey County District Court found no irregularities in procedure when the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) issued a water quality permit for the NorthMet copper nickel-precious metals project.

PolyMet Mining, Inc. is committed to following the extensive regulatory process. BIOBY has every confidence that PolyMet and the MPCA followed the correct procedures to make decisions regarding the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

Although opposition groups will continue to look for discrepancies in an effort to delay the process, BIOBY trusts the courts will continue to rule in favor of Minnesota’s regulatory agencies, and in favor of responsible industrial projects.

Walz Announcement A Disappointing Turn for Northern MN

In no other state would a Governor repeatedly challenge a privately-funded, $2.6B project that will infuse 4200 family sustaining jobs during a recession and in a region that is experiencing unemployment rates in excess of 20 percent. This is especially disappointing to Better In Our Back Yard supporters after the Walz Administration and Dayton Administration approved the project multiple times after the longest, most thorough environmental review in the State’s history. Our organization believes projects like replacing Line 3 can be done safely in Minnesota because of these very processes and regulations that Enbridge has navigated.

Tax-payer dollars will now be used on a court appeal process, with one agency suing another agency over a project to replace aging infrastructure. Governor Walz has turned his back again on northern Minnesota and the thousands of residents and local units of government who stand behind this project.


Better in Our Back Yard is pleased with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s decision to file a notice of intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Twin Metals’ proposed copper-nickel mine in northeast Minnesota. This is a significant step forward in the federal regulatory process.

The Better in Our Back Yard community of labor members and vendor partners looks forward to supporting Twin Metals through the EIS process. We know projects are done better, here in our own back yard.


Better In Our Back Yard is pleased with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s decision to deny the request to reconsider the Certificate of Need and the route permit for the Enbridge #Line3 Project. We are grateful that the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and its members are continuing to focus their efforts on advancing the progress of the most studied and reviewed oil pipeline in the state’s history.

Line 3 is an essential project that will secure Minnesota’s economic future bringing essential jobs back to our state when we need it most, especially when the majority of counties along Line 3’s route are facing unemployment rates in excess of 20 percent. Thank you again to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, it’s members and supporters of this much needed investment.

Positive Ruling Regarding Polymet’s NorthMet

Better in Our Back Yard is pleased to learn the Minnesota Supreme Court granted a review of a Minnesota Court of Appeals’ ruling regarding Polymet’s NorthMet Project air permit. It’s the second case the Supreme Court has granted review of the lower court’s ruling on PolyMet permits.

Better in Our Back Yard remains steadfast in our support of the NorthMet Project and the State agencies who conducted the comprehensive environmental and regulatory review. Support of responsible development – especially these types of large-scale projects – will be essential to the economic recovery of our region. We know we can do better, for our communities, region and economy, here – in our own back yard.

Devastating News: Verso Mill to Close in Duluth

The Better in Our Back Yard community is devastated with the news Verso will indefinitely idle the Duluth paper mill this month. Employing over 200 professionals, the mill has been a cornerstone of our regional economy since 1987, providing a market for our naturally renewable resources in the logging industry.

This news comes on the heels of additional idles and closures due to the pandemic. Now more than ever our region could use the economic boost of large-scale projects like PolyMet’s NorthMet project, and Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement project. Managing our natural resources economy responsibly must be part of a solution to mitigate and move through these difficult times.

Minnesotans for Line 3 – Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Decision Statement

The Better In Our Back Yard Board of Directors is extremely disappointed to learn about the MPCA’s decision to move to a contested case process for the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project.

This is another example of a delay that could have been avoided. The Line 3 Replacement project included one of the most comprehensive stakeholder engagement processes the State of Minnesota has witnessed.

Having safe, reliable and efficient access to resources is a foundational element of a healthy economy. This decision delays the replacement of aged infrastructure and comes at a time when Minnesota communities and business owners could benefit from the $2.6 billion private investment.

Our economy will require investments in large-scale industrial projects like Line 3 to help recover from the current recession. There is no region or state that is better suited to hold up the environmental standards important to bringing jobs and investment to our communities. We must do better, Minnesota. We need these projects, and believe they are done better – here in our back yard.

BIOBY Supports The Enbridge News

Better In Our Back Yard is pleased to share that the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has reissued the Certificate of Need and the Route Permit for #Line3. Moving forward with the approved permits for this project will safeguard Minnesota’s economic future while immediately providing essential jobs to our state. To protect our local environment and communities while bringing a much needed investment to the state of Minnesota, Better In Our Back Yard is proud to support this win for our state and industry.

BIOBY Line 3 Statement

“Once again people across Minnesota have come together to participate in this process and show strong support for this important project. Minnesotans know Line 3 has been reviewed like no other project of its kind and passed every test. Not only does it make sense to replace old infrastructure with something better, this project will immediately bring new jobs and spending to help our communities economically recover. We are confident this process is nearing the end and we will soon be able to focus on construction that will be good for Minnesota and even better for the environment.” – Susan Goudge, member of Minnesotans for Line 3.

Last week, Minnesota’s came together to participate in an electronic petition in support of Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Pipeline Project. Comments submitted by Line 3 supporters to the MPCA focused on the agency’s draft 401 Water Quality Certification and importance of replacing an aging part of Minnesota’s energy infrastructure. The comments will be reviewed by the agency as part of their process to review and approve water quality permit applications submitted by Enbridge.

Better In Our Back Yard supports Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Pipeline Project and the initiative @Minnesotans for Line 3 has taken to promote education and impact this new infrastructure will have on our state’s economy.